Welcome Koa Jewellery!

We have an exciting new stockist Koa Jewellery to join our list of artist’s here at The Dragonfly

Koa Jewellery is designed and handcrafted in Cornwall by Lawrence Gibson where he is inspired by the UK coast in his pewter and resin collection represented in the bright colours and shapes representing coves, beaches and sea life.

We absolutely love his work and are happy to be sharing his wonderful collection with our customers here in Edinburgh.

These Koa Jewellery Full Bloom necklaces is Dragonfly’s team member Jessica’s favourite. The quality and simplistic contract between the resin and polished pewter which is hung on a thick stainless steel snake chain.


These wonderful Koa Jewellery cuff-links are bold and elegant, a perfect gift for your better half.


The Koa Jewellery drop earrings are a perfect gift as well as a “why not” treat to yourself. The detailing is exquisite and a great addition to any outfit




These Koa Jewellery stud earrings add a fun simple burst of colour to an outfit for any occasion.


We have a small and wonderful collection from Koa Jewellery in our store, but you will have to hurry fast as these amazing designs will be easily swiped up!

For more information on Lawrence and Koa Jewellery- check out their website

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