Summertime Outdoor Essentials

The sun is here at last!

I don’t know if it’s the time of year or the sunny weather but something has got me thinking about getting away from it all and escaping into the great outdoors for some much-needed sunshine! So, I’ve put together a “survival pack” of The Dragonfly’s summertime outdoor essentials. I reckon we’ve pretty much got you covered for any open-air escapades you might have in mind. Read on to find out more.

On yer bike

It’s the season to start venturing far afield on bike rides. We have all sorts of supplies that could come in handy while you’re on a cycle, from London-based Eco-Chic’s foldable back-packs and insulated cool-bags to carry your supplies (pictured below) and a retro style puncture repair kit (the neat little tin at the bottom of the photo) for any tyre-related mishaps. In the shop, we also have a bike pump, almost-everything-in-one bike tool, spare bike lights and more!

Summertime outdoor essentials from The Dragonfly Gifts
Summertime outdoor essentials from The Dragonfly Gifts

Even if you run out of juice with all that peddling, your phone needn’t do with our stylish little portable chargers – available in both a tulip design (as shown above) and one with…wait for it – bicycles! (but you’ll have to pop in to the shop to see that…).

I’m including in this kit some of the gorgeous smelling lip balm from Siabann, the Scottish skincare makers extraordinaires, because, well, you always need lip balm, don’t you?!

Out for lunch

Summertime outdoor essentials from the Dragonfly Gifts
Lovely bags to brighten up your lunchtime

Even if you’re staying closer to home, we have some really pretty, patterned lunch bags – perfect either for a long picnic on your day off or quick workday lunch break alfresco. They’re made from recycled materials too! They’re great if you’re needing motivation to make your own lunch or to reduce single-use plastics.

Or just some time in the sun with your best friend

Summertime outdoor essentials from the Dragonfly Gifts
Harris Tweed pouches with biodegradable bags inside

Speaking of which, taking your dog for a long walk in the sunshine? Don’t risk forgetting to bring a baggy for the, erm… inevitable. Instead, we have Harris Tweed pouches from Bertie Girl that hold biodegradable bags. Simply clip on to your belt, handbag or keyring and you’re ready to go walkies! As you can see, we stock a variety of designs.

And because, let’s face it, it’s Scotland, I should point out that we have lots of lovely umbrellas, cardigans and foldaway cagoules so you can face down whatever climatic conditions a summer day can throw at you. After all, why let the weather stop you? Life is a beautiful ride, as our adorable t-shirt shown in the first photo says.

Now isn’t that a great motto to live by?

As always, don’t forget you can shop at The Dragonfly online. Or, you can give us a call or an email if you see anything you’re interested in and we can set it aside. Now, time to get out and enjoy the sun!

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