Mother’s Day-Staff Picks

Mother’s Day is around the corner and like most of us we want to show our appreciation without forking out a lot of money. We love our Mums but don’t seem to have the spare coins to show just how much we do. That’s fine, a little can go a long way, especially when you find the right words to express how you feel with what you’re giving.

At The Dragonfly Gifts finding that little something to go with our beautifully designed cards isn’t that hard to pick out.

Our staff have picked out a few gifts to give you inspiration away from the classic card and flowers trick this Mother’s Day all for around £20.

1. “Soft & Cosy”

The luxury of hand cream and a nice new scarf always warms the heart especially when wrapped nicely with a meaningful message.

Total Cost: £19.79 (Naturally European Lavender Luxury Hand Cream £8.00, Card £2.80, Red Flowers Scarf £2.80)

2. “Sit Back & Relax”

Let your mother know it’s time to relax for the day and unwind with a nice cuppa to read, file her nails, watch T.V-whatever she wants to do, she can do it! This gift set is in for the long haul- Our candles are home-made organic soy wax poured into beautiful vintage tea cups which once finished can be washed and re-used for drinking! Perfect-2 uses in 1!

Total cost: £20.75 (Card £2.80, Ditsy Garden nail files £3.50, Soy vintage tea cup candle £10.50, vintage tea spoon £3.95).

3. “Lucky Charm”

Jewellery is a great simple gesture, especially with Estella Bartlett’s silver plated necklaces. Chose from a wide range of charms from birds, bees, dogs to snowflakes and bicycles.

Total cost £21.30 (Card £2.80, Estella Bartlett necklace £18.50).

4. “Appreciate Craftsmanship “

There’s nothing better than giving a gift that has a true craft to it-likewise when receiving one. At The Dragonfly we have many local and non independent designers that create beautiful designs perfect for giving as a gift (or as a treat to yourself!). Our Skoczena purses are the perfect gift affordable gift this Mothers day. The purses are made out of tweed and beautiful prints with varying embroidered motifs designed in the Scottish Borders.

Total cost £28.59 (Pocket mirror £3.99, Skoczena purse £21.80, card £2.80).


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