Bababoo Organic Bamboo Teethers

At The Dragonfly we are very proud to now be stocking Bababoo teethers, and they are flying off the shelves!

Bababoo teethers are handcrafted organic beech-wood rings for your little one to knaw on! The ring is sealed with a homemade beeswax and olive oil rub, to soothe sore gums. A ‘Dribble strip’ is tied onto the ring, which is made of organic bamboo fiber and 100% cotton. Bamboo is super absorbent, so it catches any drool, prevents sore red bits under baby’s chin, and gives the little one something tactile to hold onto!





Bababoo Organic Bamboo Teether

We think they’re a great product, making a really unique gift, that’s simple and smart! They’re selling super fast, so why not come in store today before they’re all gone!


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