Meet some of our artists at the Dragonfly

The Dragonfly Arts & Crafts

Inspiration behind the dragonfly arts & crafts comes from a rebellion against a work-life balance that was for too many years more work than life. To keep the balance today, Louise designs and crafts unique jewellery, stain-glass panels & sun-catchers and re-uses textiles from the home creating a range of soft furnishings from cushions to bunting. Owner of the dragonfly, Louise splits her time between the shop, a full-time procurement consultancy position with a blue chip organisation, family (including 2 small cats) and her passion for crafts.

Marins Mummy

Creator Gemma has experience with a diverse range of clients from design roles in some of Edinburgh’s biggest creative brand and marketing consultancies. These include, high-end hotels, independent businesses, and Busy B one of the UK’s top gift stationery specialists.

Gemma’s passion has always been within the charity sector and created Marin’s Mummy to help others.

We we passionately believe that raising vital funds and charity awareness should not only be limited to Christmas cards, that’s why 25% of the profit on all our cards is donated to charities.

​​Lost For Words range

Having experienced the heartbreak of baby loss we found that during difficult times no-one knew what to say, so they’d say nothing. To help break this silence Marin’s Mummy created the Lost For Words range of cards. 25% of profits of this collection are donated to charities supporting research into the causes and prevention of pregnancy complications that lead to miscarriage, premature birth and stillbirth. We also supply not-for-profit Care Kits.​

Beastie Brooches

Working from her studio and gallery in the Scottish Borders town of Jedburgh, Linda Lovatt creates her whimsical assemblage and jewellery from verdigris copper sheet, pieces of broken china and other curious found objects. Owner and lover of a large and unruly garden, she started designing a range of jewellery and assemblage from her garden finds and its occupants. Having trained as an illustrator her work features wonderous beasties and creatures all with their own story to tell. She sells her work through design fairs and galleries across Scotland and the Dragonfly are delighted to have a variety of her beasties in store.

Brian Nichol

Louise’s husband, Brian studied at Edinburgh Art College where he experimented with various mediums. Works include landscapes, portraits and old masters using acrylics, pencil and oils however currently he is enjoying the challenges of water colours. Brian’s studio is shared with his motorcycles and inspiration from around him can be seen in his recent motorbike engine paintings. These unique enchanting pictures bring the inside of any shed to life and can be seen now only at the dragonfly.

Ella Svilan

Angels-by-Ella – unique exquisite fine art by Ella Svilan who lives and works in Croatia. Each angel is gorgeously created with an individual style and character, loosely based on family around her. The Dragonfly is very proud to be the only outlet in the UK for these wonderfully charming angels.

Pink Pig

Mabel Forsyth is the freelance illustrator behind the ‘Pink Pig’ brand.
Mabel graduated from Edinburgh College of Art as an illustrator, and has since created illustrations for clients allover the world.
 Pink Pig was created so she could ‘do her own thing’ with her illustration, away from clients restraints, (and have some fun into the bargain!)
The ‘Hootenanny’ card range was launched in January 2014, and includes kilted gorillas, tartan owls, and some funky pink pipers thrown in the mix!
All her cards are printed on FSC credited board, and everything is made in the UK

Gillian Kyle

Gillian Kyle is a quirky Scottish design company with a passion for illustration and print. We create gifts accessories and things for your home that celebrate Scottish culture and nostalgia all made locally -using the best and greenest materials possible.

Jan Ejsymontt

Jan is a Polish and English artist living and working in the historic seaside town of Rovinij  in Croatia. Her inspiration comes from the sand, the driftwood, the pebbles the turquoise sea and the blue sky that surrounds her. The Dragonfly is proud to stock a range of jewellery made by Jan.

Kow Jewellery

Lawrence Gibson was brought up in the hamlet of Nantithet on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall. Lawrence worked in the model-making business where he learnt new techniques and processes which lent themselves to the design and manufacture of jewellery. Having worked partly on jewellery design for a few years, Koa Jewellery was finally born in 2010. New forms took inspiration from the UK coast, its beautiful coves and beaches, fishing harbours and surf culture. Now based in Sully, South Wales, the process continues… as does the creation of ocean inspired jewellery.

Each handmade piece of jewellery is produced using a base metal of high quality UK sourced pewter. The Pewter we use is 93% Tin (all recycled) and completely lead and nickel-free. Many of the designs incorporate coloured resin detail which starts as a pure, clear liquid to which colour is added. Several pieces also feature beads, which are carefully selected and ethically sourced from fair trade suppliers.

Laura Skilbeck

Hello I’m Laura, an artist and illustrator and maker of handmade things. I am currently very busy with my own range of handmade greetings cards featuring my artwork and hand drawn lettering.

My art is inspired by a love of things that are wonky and colourful, old photos, illuminations, signs where the letters are dropping off, folk art, outsider art, funny sights, and old seaside towns.

I am always collecting things and a lot of my drawings are done on found bits of paper or used envelopes. All of my greetings cards are made using recycled card and envelopes, and packaged in biodegradable sleeves. My installations and paintings are often made from bits of wood or cardboard and other bits of junk.

Wiggles and Florence

The idea behind Wiggles & Florence was conceived in the spring of 2012 by artist and designer Susan Robertson. Susan had studied at Farnham College of Art before moving to Mid-Wales where she continued to work, taking both inspiration and creativity from such beautiful rural surroundings. After producing a series of artworks featuring a variety of interesting properties pictured within their gardens, she thought some of the floral and horticultural elements may be ideal for decorating a small range of ceramics. There was such an enthusiastic reaction to the first mock-ups that it seemed like a good idea to make them available to a wider audience and hey-presto Wiggles and Florence was born.

The designs are all created by Susan from her home studio in an old Victorian kitchen garden in Mid-Wales and result in unique and charming products that will bring a fresh and vibrant look to any table. …..Oh yes, and just in case you needed to know – Wiggles & Florence were the names of two pet tortoises that Susan & her sister had as a children.

Inez Wait

Inspiration for me to create comes from the countryside around me. I love animals and plants – If I sit at our window for long enough I can see the hare which I have grown so fond of, or the naughty fox who crosses over the field to the woods throughout the day – he has only once stolen a hen from us…so far! Buzzards and swifts soar above our house and the barn owl sits on the fence at dusk..I am very lucky to be surrounded by everything I love and I try and capture the essence of it all within a painting or on a piece of clay. It inspires me to write poetry which I marry up with the images of the animals which live nearby. I have  exhibited paintings in galleries around Glasgow for quite a few years now.

I studied at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee and loved every minute – I got an honours degree in Graphic Design and a post-graduate in Calligraphy. Not a day passes without me picking up a piece of clay, a pencil or paintbrush…..

Anna Wiscombe

Originally from the countryside of Dorset, Anna now lives and works in London but still draws her inspiration from the natural environment that surrounded her while growing up. An ever growing collection of beautiful wooden creations, Anna’s ranges include wooden wall birds, plywood meadow flowers, decorative ornamental birds and a line of wooden jewellery.

All of Anna’s pieces are lovingly designed, handmade and finished by Anna in her London studio.


Based In Edinburgh, Gillian has been working freelance  since completing her BA (hons) degree in Printed Textiles for Fashion at the University of Brighton.

She decided to start her own surface pattern design and craft business. Dibujo Design was established in 2012.  Dibujo, pronounced di-bu-ch-o (the ch is like the Scottish pronunciation of loch) is the Spanish word for to draw and pattern. She decided on this as it is exactly what she does and she is inspired by Spanish tiles.

She uses her designs on ceramics and fabrics to create a home and gift range including ceramic coasters, placemats and clocks, fabric lampshades and cushions. Colour plays a significant roll in Gillian’s work, where she uses bold vibrant colours. She is influenced by Scotland as well as travels from all over the world. Her work has been described as Scottish modern retro.

Amanda Mercer

A designer and maker of lovingly handcraft ceramics inspired by memories and nostalgia.


Her range is a collection of delicate porcelain buttons, jewellery, pretty home wear and decoration all individually handcrafted and created from her studio in the heart of the city centre in Carlisle, Cumbria.

A love for vintage and nostalgic memorabilia such as vintage buttons found in my Grandma’s button box, scraps of lace, black and white photographs, stamps and letters, which are then translated through her pieces, exploring surface decoration and form. Each piece is individual therefore will always slightly vary to the next.


Like New Crafts

We are a family of crafters from Midlothian who value the old, as much as the new.  
We believe that, in today’s disposable world, there is a place and a use for everything.
Here at Like New Crafts we see things for their full potential rather than just conventional use.  We are inspired by vintage styles, traditional values and a passion to keep them here in the present.
Many of our crafts centre around bringing new life to objects and re-using items that needn’t become obsolete.  From broken electronics, forgotten tea-sets and unwanted teddy bears, we are passionate about recycling and re-using.  
We work hard to source quality vintage or disused items to bring you a range of unique items.  All of our products are handmade with care to preserve the integrity of the original item within its new setting, giving once loved objects a new lease of life.


Michal Negrin

Michal Negrin has been creating vintage-inspired original hand-crafted jewellry, fashion and home décor for over two decades. Since inception at a market stall in 1988 in Tel Aviv, Michal Negrin has become an exclusive recognized brand, continuing to expand in far corners around the globe. In the Dragonfly we stock a range of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. All the pieces are hand crafted, combining Swarovski crystals and offering a large range of colour combinations.

Michal Negrin’s design is recognized and admired for its distinct unique signature. The creations are timeless – and always remain fashionable.

Anna Sztromwasser Illustration

After graduating in archaeology I found myself willing to draw more than dig. Therefore I followed this path, pulling inspiration from observing animals and their intriguing behaviour. But this is not the only reason why animals are main characters of my work – they are just so charming to illustrate! Also, because of my background in archaeology, I draw inspiration from prehistoric art, making my pictures simple and clear. I like to think that my work makes people laugh with its subtle, witty sense of humour…

We have a range of babygrows in the shop featuring Anna’s charming animal illustrations, all on a Scottish theme. Characters include the Loch Ness Monster, a playful otter and a cheeky fox!

Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis is a silver jewellery designer born in Edinburgh. He launched his business in 2003, which has since consistently grown and attracted critical acclaim.

Chris’s approach to designing silver jewellery comes from developing signature textures and combining them to add depth. He is often inspired by the natural forms he comes across on his extensive travels. The collections offers design innovation, timeless statement, and they are exquisitely and individually hand crafted with an uncompromising level of quality. Here at the Dragonfly we have a lovely curated selection of stud and drop earrings, and necklaces to choose from.


Ayala Bar Jewellery

aylar barMatchmaking materials, creating miniature artifacts reminiscent of the ancient Byzantine era… Ayala Bar jewellery has grown to be an inspiring, beautiful range of items you don’t just ware, but treasure.


Brand new premium greetings card publisher based in Glasgow producing cards with illustrations by carefully selected British illustrators. Diverse styles and tones to cater to all retailers. All designs printed on high quality FSC certified stock.