We love our classics in Dragonfly. It’s not just for personal nostalgia it brings together different generations and creates a sharing bond over simple pleasures. Today behind the advent calender door, I’m spoiling you all with my two favourite classics in the shop.

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When we saw the Sainsburies Christmas Advert our hearts melted with joy, that Mog the cat was back and being celebrated as a British cultural treasure. Interestingly Judith Kerr is of Jewish- German descent and her family had escaped Nazi Germany and resettled in the United Kingdom. Knowing this you realise that Mog is universally appealing there is a magic about the writing and illustrations of Judith Kerr that will continue to delight children in years to come. Mog’s Christmas Calamity is the new book in the series of Mog’s adventures, but here in the store we have Mog’s Christmas and would you believe it, it was published in 1976 that’s almost 40 years ago. So let’s melt some hearts this Christmas and get everyone of all ages in the family to sit together and enjoy a classic Christmas read.

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Make it SPIN! The faster it spins the louder it hums! Get dizzy and go on you know how much fun you had why not introduce the joy to the wee ones. Or maybe treat that big kid. Being silly and having fun is what living is all about, and Christmas is the most wonderful time of year as it reminds us these simple pleasures.

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As you know, you can’t be a classic!



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